7 Lessons you should learn from this short period of ministry, 

Please take them seriously and write them down..

My desireas a bachelor then was to love God and make heaven and all I ever wanted was everything except Ministry but God had need of me and ever since then, he has been proving himself as the strong and breasted one.

I would like to share 7secrets I have learnt from the Holy Ghost in my walk with God in the short period of ministry.

*Lesson 1*

1. It takes times to discover God's call for your life. Sometimes, your potential is not an accurate signal to your calling.

*Lesson 2*

In your walk with God, you will make mistakes. But if you're consistent in the secret place, God will always restore you back to his track.
I can't count the number of mistakes I have made.

I could remember, I wanted this ministry to be called

*Radical Anglican Youths* so funny... But thank God for guidance.

*Lesson 3*

Obedience and faithfulness is God's primary expectation from you, not ministry expansion. The fruitfulness of your ministry is God's sole responsibility.

*Lesson 4*

God's purpose can not be funded by your pocket alone. You need destiny helpers. Not all destiny helpers will give you money. Some have been destined to give you their time; others to serve you with their skills and others to help you by connecting you to people who can contribute generously.

*Lesson 5*

Sometimes, God can tell you to organize a meeting worth hundreds of thousands just to reach a single soul.
  So never be discouraged if you don't have crowd attending your meeting

*Lesson 6*

Nothing you do for God is in vain. Ministry is the father's business. Hence, if you are faithful, God will reward you.

*Lesson 7*

Start small but don't be local in your operation. Be global in your approach to service.

I hope you're blessed with the lessons I shared.

Happy 3rd Anniversary

Bro Opeyemi Shyllon

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